Music Production

How can you choose between one music production facility to the next? The answer is simple… Track record.

The music produced by Farias has sold over 20 million albums and been heard all over the world. The TV ads have won numerous awards including a Cannes Silver Lion. Millions of people hear Farias music every week in the Cristina Show on TV. Farias Productions provides a variety of professional music services in one convenient location, featuring in-house and contract composers and musicians, as well as an in-house proprietary music library. We invite you to tour our studio and get a free consultation on your next project.

Post-Score to Picture

The composing of music to picture is an art. Only by understanding the creative vision and the director’s treatment can a composer truly grasp the importance of scoring to picture.

This is accomplished only by experience. We pride ourselves in having produced the sounds and scores for hundreds of TV ads as well as short and full length feature films. It’s what we love. Farias Productions’ quick turnaround will provide you with immediate feedback on post-score through the use of QuickTime movies posted on our website, with client user ID and password. Visuals are only half of the magic. What is a good picture without good music? Past clients appreciate our ability to keep production costs down and provide quick turnaround on projects by providing both music and audio.

Sound Design

When it comes to ambience, depth, sfx, custom-sound sfx, music and voice overs, our team of Sound Designers blow the competition away. Farias Productions delivers. Evidence of Farias’ outstanding work is reflected in honors awarded by peers, with several Clio Awards, Addy Awards, and a Cannes Silver Lion to back us up.

Radio Post

Radio…it’s all about sound and music.

Let our experienced production team help create your next Radio Spot or Jingle, guaranteed to resemble the quality of any music track in the market. Our composers, sound designers, and engineers, along with state-of-the-art digital editing equipment is the perfect combination for your next radio production project. No headaches. Farias Productions provides a complete package of sound design, voice overs, and special effects, which achieves a unique sound integrity, and we have the awards to prove it.


From HD video to old 2″ we can restore, sync and sweeten, and output to any media.

Farias Productions also provides a wide array of post productions services to fulfill the most demanding audio and video needs of today’s industry. We are a boutique lab and provide our clients with a personalized and tailored experience for every job. Our in-house servers, FTP and DIGIDELIVERY capabilities make delivery of your projects a painless, efficient, fast, and secure experience.

Some of our services include:

  • Audio Restoration

  • Audio Recording

  • Audio Editing / syncing

  • Audio Mixing

  • Audio Sweetening

  • 5.1 to Stereo and Mono

  • DVD Authoring

  • ADR / VO

  • Sound Design